Working with an inner healer

In altered states of consciousness, the soul (our internal physician) has an amazing healing ability to choose and bring subconscious content into our consciousness, often with a strong emotional charge and high synchronic and meaningful value. These states allow us to enter the deeper layers of the soul and see from a wider, expanded spectrum of our lives and its meaning.

By trusting our Inner Healer, we can heal those areas that are currently bothering us. On this journey, I am only a companion to accompany you and protect you on a physical level. The journey is yours and only yours.





In order to unleash the power of our inner healer, we must enter a state of altered consciousness – in order for the mind not to resist, this must happen. This can only happen in a cozy, ready-made environment that provides a complete sense of security for yourself. I am by your side throughout the journey and it is my job to help you heal yourself for the places that it is time for.




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