Remember your inner light

Remained until the start of the course


This is a 5-day powerful transformative online course. The course consists of 5 lessons, which take place in the evenings, every other day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday. The duration of the lesson is about 2 hours.

Each lesson consists of 3 parts


Questions and answers

Powerful guided meditations

A separate Facebook group is created for each course group, in which

Support and guidance during and after the course

Lesson records

Records of guided meditations

Shares of group members about ongoing transformations

Course program:
  • Preparation, arrangements - coming to Earth, physical birth, parental matrices, implementation of programs. Practice Chakra balancing and harmonization.
  • Diversity: all our bodies, connection to all bodies. Practices: Ether body cleansing practice, heart block transformation practice, Kundalini awakening practice.
  • Blocks and Mind: Matrix Illusions. Transformation and crisis. The agregors which control us. Transformation exercise. Practices: program transformation, liberation from 3d, DNA quantum practice.
  • Heart, life with heart, Soul awakening. Love, joy. Practices: practice of the soul crystal, practice of the higher chakras - becoming a creator. An additional practice that raises vibrations.
  • Absolute Energy - 4 major Energies: How We Can Use Them. Practices: 4 Major energies activation practices, Becoming the 5 element. An additional gift for each participant.

10 h.

10 powerful guided meditations, lots of theory