Personal counselling

My favorite activity is that together with the client we go on a journey, during which we understand and see not only the consequences of a specific program / block (block / program – imagine that your mind is like a computer. In order to do something, programs for various reasons are created that actually hinder us, such programs I call internal blocks), but the client himself understands where the program came from, how it affects one or another aspect of life and notices that everything is much simpler than following program scripts. During the consultation, I am a mirror that shows the client what is inside him. During the consultation, the client raises the task with which he came, we analyze the situation, the client’s rational mind understands this and a break in the program occurs – the blocked energy is released. After the consultation, it is very important that the internal transformation that has taken place integrates into the physical world, without this step the program will not be fully transformed. The biggest reward for me is that the client integrates perceptions into the physical world after the consultation – not only the inner well-being, but also the actions change.

Conversation is suitable if you feel an inner desire:

  • Purify the vocation of your heart and act more on it
  • Unleashing your boundless inspiration and creativity from all the attitudes that limit it
  • Transform and integrate a variety of traumatic or other deep experiences
  • Learn and get rid of panic attacks, depression, mania, psychosis, paranoia, insomnia and other mental imbalances.
  • Harmonize relationships
  • To get to know oneself better, one's higher consciousness, the operation of universal laws and to answer other relevant existential questions
  • Learn to meditate more effectively and receive a variety of practical advice on a variety of practices
  • Transform your worldview so that you live in unconditional happiness
  • Transform and come back to yourself