About me

I am neither a guru nor a teacher – I am just a tool of the Universe working with people who turn to me. I am just a mirror of yourself that will show and allow yourself to understand what block (program, illusion) is preventing you from moving and returning to yourself. I am a Spiritual herald who will allow yourself to become a better version of yourself.

I am Artautas Jasinskas, 38 years old. I had a lot to experience on my way, both earthly challenges and discoveries in the spiritual realm. The passion to know, to experience, to learn, to help others has always led in this way. Although I have higher education in physics and telecommunications, my spiritual path has led me ever further and deeper, ever closer to myself and my true self and desire to help others.

I see and feel subtle things, I see a person’s inner blocks that prevent him from moving on. I am sure we are still coming here to learn certain lessons and become better versions of ourselves and my job is just to show the door, to give the key, but in the journey,  I can only accompany you.

My trip

My path began as a child, when instead of people I saw just splattered bubbles when I told my parents – I was clearly told that it could not be said out loud – because it was wrong. And gradually these qualities closed – a “block” was put on. At the time, I didn’t even realize it and I was looking for a great life, although there was an inner voice inside that kept repeating to me “something is wrong, something is missing.” The universe kept sending me subtle signs, but I didn’t hear them, it was easier for my mind to reject and ignore them. In 2014, I had a very difficult stage in my life: people close to me left, jobs collapsed, there were no more friends – it was one of the blackest stages of my life. I remember I had an inner attraction to go to church – I don’t remember how I got there or who let me in, but I stayed there for three days – I didn’t have to eat or drink (only the sacristy came to see if I was still alive). While I was there, I realized that I was running away from myself, that I was running away from what I had come to this physical world for. I left the church different; I came out the real me.

After this experience, my second life began. I am grateful to myself and the Universe for bringing teachers into my path who helped me get here.

During those years I gathered a lot of different practices, meditations (cigun – over 5 years, Osho practices – over 4 years, Sufi meditations, shamanic ceremonies, psychological and parapsychological seminars – Dr. A. Azarov), knowledge, experiences that allowed me to create my way of serving people. Using my experience, the tools and perceptions provided by the Universe, I realized that my inner anxiety was about my inner blocks, rules, and regulations — programs. Working with myself led by great teachers, I started working with programs – noticing and changing them. And here I am – I want to share my experience with you, help you free yourself from the inner shackles, feel the inner joy again and ignite your own unique light in you.