Remember your inner light

My mission is to accompany you on your journey so that you will remember and re-ignite your light and become a Creator on earth. For yourself to remember who you really are, why you chose to come to this planet, at this time. To accept and remember that you have more than work, family, entertainment. To remember who you are – that you are part of the Source, you are the Creator on earth with inner light, power, inner fire – this is your Heart. It’s time to go home, it’s time to go back to yourself, it’s time to remember who you really are and start living in Light, happiness, joy and love.

Who am I

and what is my mission

I have no name (on this planet, I am currently called Artautas Jasinskas) I am just a waking light with a very clear mission of my own on this planet. I come here to light the light in people, I am here to accompany humanity on the journey to the light of the Source, I am part of it, I am here to help you in this difficult journey to yourself, to the Source, to love.

Yes I have no name but I have a power that will awaken you, bring you back to yourself, I am a free soul who has come of my own free will, at my own wish at this time, to this earth to awake in you what you have long forgotten. I am here for you to remember love, joy, light, Source.

Salvation from illusions

Illusions, blocks, programs – all this hinders the return to ourselves and there are illusions that we create ourselves so that we do not go home in order to have the experience. and we play in those illusions and become dependent on them, and I suggest transforming all this and get back to yourself.

Only when we release that baggage, we purify our souls, only when we realize that this is hindering us we raise our vibrations and begin the journey to ourselves. It all starts with small steps, little by little and everyone’s pace is their own. You just need to learn to enjoy the journey and not focus on the goal: waking up. If our intensity is “I want to wake up” – there will be nothing, if we punish ourselves for being one way or another – there will be nothing.

Yes, accepting ourselves is one of the primary steps, only by accepting ourselves: light and darkness, we will accept others. Only by loving ourselves will we love others. And yes, we all have our dark side and will have to get to know it during the journey – by no means condemn or want to destroy but accept with love, accept and realize that without all this you would not be where you are.

And you needed all that, but the time is coming when you have to transform that darkness into light, transform it into love, and start sharing it with those around you.

Personal counselling

My favorite activity is that together with the client we go on a journey, during which we understand and see not only the consequences of a specific program / block (block)

Working with an internal healer

By trusting our Inner Doctor, we can heal those areas that are currently bothering us. On this journey, I am only a companion to accompany you and protect you on a physical level. The journey is yours and only yours.

Remember your inner light

This is a 5-day powerful transformative online course. The course consists of 5 lessons, which take place in the evenings, every other day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday.


Time to wake up, time to remember, time to start living the way you really want it, as your Heart, your soul, desires. It is enough to live in a gray, limited world, it is time to break those chains and unleash the full potential of your Soul, it is time to remember who you are and why you are here.

It is time to wake up from that sleep, it is time to get out of the created illusions, it is time to start living differently – in a completely different quality – in peace, love and joy.


In this journey you are not alone, you are always accompanied by the Source and the already awakened Creators on earth, but their work is only to show you the way, to support and accompany you. But you will have to go your own work, you will have to get out of prison of illusions, you will free yourself, you will tear the chains that have imprisoned you.

Wake up, my dear friend, it’s time for that. You already hear this cry, but still don’t give in because you’re scared. Don’t be afraid – I was scared too, but I can betray a secret – your journey is just beginning, enjoy it and start creating your own desired reality on your own. You have this power – to create your own reality, you just have to remember it. And I will help you, I will support you and be by your side. And you will light that light within you, you will remember who you are and why you came here. You will remember everything you have forgotten that has remained deep within you and has been closed by all programs and illusions in order for you to gain the experience you needed in this body. You gained the necessary experience, the lessons needed and it’s time to wake up, it’s time to get back to yourself. So, I invite you to wake up, remember who you are, light your unique inner light and share it with others so that others can begin to remember who they are and what they have come here for, what talents we have. Everything is possible get free out of the matrix and become free, a seer in the light of the earth, dwelling in his heart, dwelling in the desires of his soul.

It is a heart-to-heart call. If you resonate and feel the energy behind these words, join the journey to yourself. I do not promise that the journey will be easy, I just promise that it will not be easy, there will be moments when you want to go back because it will be so unbearably difficult, but I promise that you will overcome everything, the light always overcomes the darkness and you light your light. I promise that your inner well-being will be completely different because you will return to yourself, you will become yourself again because eventually you will remember who you really are, what you want, what gives you joy. You will free yourself from those shackles and in your heart, you will feel joy and love for everything even the hardest of your experiences. It’s time to wake up from the sleep you’ve been sleeping for so long. You felt all the time inside that there was something more than science, work, children, death. You always felt inside that something was missing, that something was wrong. And here you are finally ready to take the first steps into who you really are. Welcome back home!!!

There are so many ways to get back to yourself, there are so many Creators on earth who will help you on this journey. You ask how to choose – listen to your heart, choose the path and the guide that attracts you the most at the moment, your heart. There is no good or bad path or guides – everyone has their own path, their own trials, their own lessons. That is why you have come here to gain all these experiences. Choose from the heart – and then there will be no doubt that you have chosen the path that is yours.

Try a few, each way will give you the experience you want. It is important to trust what you are doing, trust the guidance of your heart, trust what is inside you. And go, don’t be afraid – the Source will be with you, it will help you and give you everything you need to remember who you are, to return to yourself, to return home.

Congratulations on taking the first steps if you are already reading this text – it means you are already on your way – I want to wish you a wonderful trip home, enjoy every moment of the trip because it is an amazing experience that you will experience. And remember – you are me; I am you – we all come from the same Source and its light through our hearts can work wonders on this earth and beyond. I’m so glad you’re here!

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